Iamleah Strong Services What Are the Common Causes of Water Ingress?

What Are the Common Causes of Water Ingress?

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Water Ingress is when water enters a structure. There are many different causes of water inaccessibility. Any moving water coming into a structure or your house is potentially bad news. It can cause serious damage to structures and can also lead to more and possibly even more expensive problems down the road.

Why Does My House Have Water Ingress?

One of the most common causes of water ingress comes from cracked building materials. Slates, for example, are porous and can absorb large amounts of moisture. The moisture that is absorbed can seep into the floorboards and underneath the drywall. Over time this will create cracks in your foundation which can allow liquid to move up into your basement.

Water Ingress can also occur when walls have cracks or openings in the concrete. This can allow moisture to move up through the wall and into the house. Even when a home has an actual water seal on the outside walls, if there are any cracks or openings in the concrete walls this can still allow water ingress to occur. Homeowners often times try to cover up the damage done to their home by putting in drywall but without the proper seal this can actually do more damage over time and make a home more susceptible to water damage.

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