Online Slots Tips and Strategy

Online Slots Tips and Strategy

Slots is one of those casino games that is 100% pure chance. If you've read some of our other articles, you'll know that being all chance tilts the odds severely in favor of the casino. Most people just love to play slots and many of the "hobbyists" simply play until they have no more chips.
The "regulars", on the other hand, use strategies. Some of their strategy makes sense to me, and other parts may only have a psychological benefit.
Basically, the veterans (the ones who win enough to keep coming back) will tell you to load up the slots (double or triple, when possible) to significantly increase chances of winning. As with most casino games, the increased risk of losing a little more money on each round keeps most people from betting in this way, and they do not realize that they are actually hurting themselves by betting small each time.
Taking what might seem like the safe bet (betting small) will actually drain your bankroll in 99.99% of all games. The real "safer" bets are discovered using mathematics and calculating odds vs. probability.
Progressive slots do not seem to payout as often as the typical slots machines, because they also factor in the jackpot in their algorithm. However, the payout of hitting a jackpot can really make playing these games worth it. 

A few sidenotes:

  1. All spins really are random. The odds are already in the house's favor, so there is no reason for them to cheat -just to earn a few extra bucks and possibly jeopardize their priceless casino license. So, you can rest assured that the casino games are fair --unless you're playing some underground casino no one has ever heard about.
  2. You can never know if a "hot streak" or a "cold streak" is about to turn around -either for just one round or several. There's just no way to predict it. Many people give the advice, though, that when you're up and you feel that the table has gone "cold", just move to another game.
  3. Some people stick it out (afraid the person behind them will strike it rich after they leave) and some people move. In actuality, there is no difference. Each one is random to the same degree. So, this strategy is more for the benefit of easing the mind by doing whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  4. Although, if a machine shows a long losing streak or a long winning streak; the odds are that it will break that streak at some point --simply due to the random system not remaining predictable. Of course, random means random and it could continue. I suppose that not knowing for sure is part of the lure.
  5. I'm not a big-time slots gambler, so I wouldn't know; but I would love any input from you die-hard players out there. Feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts, experiences, and/or strategies

In any case, good luck and play smart. Our recommendation is to download and play for fun to get a feel for it. Many casinos now allow unlimited free play. So, you can get your feet wet first.

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