About Dylan

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About Dylan Colton

Dylan Colton is a dedicated and hardworking individual who has been a member of the I Am Leah Strong family since 2017. He is passionate about helping others and being an active part of his community.

Dylan was born in California and grew up in the Central Valley, where he found himself involved in a number of organizations that valued giving back to the community. He went on to pursue a degree in psychology from Fresno State University, while also finding ways to help his community through volunteer work and internships. After graduation, Dylan moved to Los Angeles and began working at I Am Leah Strong as an outreach coordinator, where he helps empower individuals and families affected by mental health issues.

Dylan has become an integral part of the I Am Leah Strong team, using his passion for helping others to create programs that provide resources for those struggling with mental health issues. He also supports various campaigns aimed at reducing stigma around mental illness, such as engaging youth in conversations about suicide prevention and providing support groups for those living with mental health issues.

In addition to his work within the organization, Dylan is also involved in a number of outside projects designed to help people living with mental illness or facing difficult life circumstances. His dedication has allowed him to build strong relationships with many members of the I Am Leah Strong family, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Through his commitment and passion for helping others, Dylan Colton has become an exceptional role model within the I Am Leah Strong family as well as within his local community.