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How to Cultivate Mushrooms in a Mono Tub

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A mono tub is an insulated and light-protected growing environment designed for cultivating mushrooms. It is a highly effective and convenient mushroom-growing method.

How to Build a Monotub

The basic components of a mono tub are: bulk sterile substrate, a fully colonized grain spawn, and a sterilized lid. This combination has been proven to be a reliable and successful way to cultivate mushrooms for both novice and advanced growers.

How to Sterilize a Monotub

Before adding your substrate and spawn to the mono tub, sterilize it thoroughly by immersing it in rubbing alcohol for about 30 minutes. This will prevent any contamination from the spawn or your substrate.

Step 1: Add the Substrate

After sterilization, cut open a bag of bulk sterile substrate and put it in your mono tub. Start by adding a 1-inch layer of substrate to the bottom of the tub. Then sprinkle a thin layer of colonized grain spawn over the substrate and add another inch of substrate followed by more spawn until you have reached your desired depth.

Mastering Mono Tubs: A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up and Maintaining Your Bulk Substrate Cultivation System”

Step 2: Add the Grain Spawning

Once you have put all the substrate and spawn in your mono tub, it is time to inoculate the mono tub with the colonized spawn! You can either sprinkle the spawn directly on top of the bulk substrate or you can use a liner to spread out the spawn and inoculate it more evenly.

Once the spawn is completely inoculated and colonized, you can begin to monitor the growth of your mycelium. Initially, you will notice white spots of mycelium forming around each piece of grain spawn, which will eventually connect and cover the entire surface of the substrate. This is the initial stage of fruiting, and it only occurs when the proper environmental conditions are present.

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